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It's Preschool Time!

Perhaps you have come to feel that even regular park outings are not enough for your little one to exert themselves to the fullest or develop (and practice caring for) meaningful friendships.  


Perhaps your child is showing interest in whatever can be used to make the most noise and the biggest messes, whether at home or out in public.


Your favorite tiny human would probably love to have their own special universe of endless exciting fun and safe exploration.  All young children benefit from the extra educational boost of a playful learning environment. 


Ours is a place that looks like home, but which is designed with all your child's developmental needs in mind and aimed toward building independence, self-confidence, trust, and friendships.  Ami-Ami only accepts 5 children per day to foster one-on-one nurturing interactions and maintain the home-like feel of our environment.


Why French Immersion?

French is an official language (or in regular use) in 39 independent nations and dependent territories around the world--including the US and Canada. Besides English, French is the only other language spoken as a native language on 5 continents and taught in every country in the world.

If you are considering daycare/preschool, why not also give your child the incredible opportunity to learn French natively?  


"But I don't speak French!"


The numerous benefits of early exposure to foreign languages have long been proven.  Even if your child doesn't hear French at home and doesn't go on to learn it in school, the neurological pathways  built during early immersion in a foreign language become available in many other areas of development, and even help improve your child's fluency in their first language. 


Ami-Ami offers the only native French-immersion preschool experience in a reassuring home setting in North County San Diego, under the care of a trained linguist with over a decade of first-hand experience in early childhood education and a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

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